Author and Title

Jason Ward, "Dr. Jason Hwang: The Innovator's Prescription"

Kim Eun-young, "Disruptive innovation is the key to change medical education"

Robert Graboyes, "Fortress and Frontier: The Disruptive Innovator"

Vensa Health press release, "Vensa's global medical advisor and disruptive innovation in healthcare expert visits NZ"

Jason Ward, "Jason Hwang, part 2, Disruptive Innovations"

Jason Ward, "Jason Hwang, part 1, Disruptive Innovations"

Karen Jagoda, "Increasing Points of Access for Patients with Dr. Jason Hwang Healthcare Innovator"

Robert F. Graboyes, "Scaling Up - Jason Hwang and Asynchronous Telemedicine"

Gary Passama, "The Handheld Hospital"

Ann Fisher, "Wellness Wednesday: Bariatric Surgery, Brain Stimulation and Birth Control Apps"

Pam Belluck, "Birth Control via App Finds Footing Under Political Radar"

Katie Nickas, "Trinity University Healthcare Symposium Looks at Challenges in Digital Landscape"

Jillian Kramer, "This New App Gives You Easier Access to Birth Control Prescriptions"

Rachel Sanoff, "PolkaDoc is a Revolutionary New App Granting Easier Access to Birth Control Pills, and It Doesn't Care if you have Health Insurance or US Citizenship"

Jasmine Garnsworthy, "Meet PolkaDoc, the New App Revolutionizing the Way You Access Birth Control"

Ian Frisch, "Why This App Will Change Birth Control Forever"

Barry Yeoman, Virtually There

Tom Ashbrook, "The 'Minute Clinic' Approach to Medicine"

Donna Cusano, "A 'disruptive' US primary care delivery app with UK roots"

Jennifer Dennard, "Connecting the Docs for a Better Birth Control App"

Michael Millenson, "A Comet Hits Planet Health Care: How the Affordable Care Act Changes an Employer's World"

Wendy Leonard, "
A Look at Utah's Health Care Options for Employers and Employees"

Steve Jacob, "Efforts Underway to Vet Health Apps for Clinicians"

Corey Ackerman and Ben Chodor, "Why the MVP of Men's Health is Mobile"

Steve Jacob, "Nine Predictions About Healthcare's Future"

Sheila Dang, "Jason Hwang: How 'Disruptive Innovation' Can Improve the Healthcare Model"

Bill Hethcock, "Hwang: Health care needs more technology, new business model"

John Townsend, "The top low-cost health innovations"

John Townsend, "Disruptive Innovation: A Prescription For Better Health Care"

Margaret Niemiec, "M.D. Phone Home: Three apps that let you tap the power of mobile health now"

Bob Herman, "The Benefits and Challenges of CO-OPs: Where Do They Fit in Healthcare Reform"

Morgan Lewis, Jr., "Can Locum Tenens Be a High-Paying Career?"

Debra Wood, "High Rate of Medical Mistakes: Patient Perception or Reality?"

Sarah E. Needleman, "New Medical Devices Get Smart"

Andrew Vincent, "Devotees of Disruption Part 3"

Michael D. Dalzell, "The Closed Formulary Makes a Comeback"

Andrew Vincent, "Devotees of Disruption Part 2"

Laura Miller, "Are Bundled Payments Near for Surgery Centers? Q&A With Dr. Jason Hwang of Innosight Institute"

Renee Blisard Buddle, "Orthopedic specialty hospitals promise better care, but may face ethical dilemmas"

Sharyl J. Nass and Theresa Wizemann, "Informatics Needs and Challenges in Cancer Research: Workshop Summary"

Debra Wood, "Health Care Leaders React to Supreme Court Upholding ACA"

Pamela Lewis Dolan, "4 ways social media can improve your medical practice"

Kate Kelland, "Analysis: Healthcare sees emerging future in frugal innovation"

Rose Reis, "Exploring disruptive innovations in health care"

Jeni Williams, "The Value of Mobile Apps in Health Care"

Andrew Vincent, "Devotees of Disruption"

Lisa M. Davila, "Technology transforms health care"

Kathryn Tuggle, "Retiring Boomers Need Minimum $240K Saved for Medical Expenses"

Michael Gibbons, "Repositioning & Reinvention: Using Disruption and Revitalization to Make Your Hospital Stand Out"
Pamela Lewis Dolan, "7 missed opportunities of not creating an online presence"

Lee Ann Jarousse, "Innovation! Your new core compentency"

John Rossheim, "Reducing ED Visits, Readmissions with Patient Education"

Glenn Townes, "Coping with the mandate of insurance exchanges"

Rahilla Zafar, "Harvard's Clayton Christensen: Can Medical Innovation in Developing Countries Disrupt the U.S. Healthcare System?"
Jamie J. Gooch, "Partial integration has its benefits"

Jason Bennert, "Disruptive Innovation Theory (Segment 2 of 5)"

Jason Bennert, "Disruptive Innovation Theory (Segment 1 of 5)"

Alex Nixon, "Highmark officials struggle with filling hospital beds, integrating care"

Paul Kielstra, "Finding Alignment: Opportunities and Obstacles in the Pharma/CRO Relationship"

Debra Wood, "What Will 2012 Bring for the Healthcare Industry?"

Peter Verkooijen, "Ordeverstorende innovaties in de zorg: Naar geintegreerde zorg"

Victoria Stagg Elliott, "New year, new concerns: How to set medical practice goals for 2012"

Molly Gamble, "8 Goals for Hospital Care Delivery in 2012"

Alastair McLellan, "HSJ interview: Clayton M Christensen, author of The Innovator's Prescription"

Alicia Caramenico, "Hospital at home and integrated care improves quality, savings"

Carrie Rossenfeld, "The Rise of Retail Clinics & What You Can Learn from Them"

Matt Bolch, "Co-ops await launch commands"

Debra Wood, "Patient-centered Care Found to Decrease Utilization"

Bill Edwards and Audrey Biloon, "Ageless Radio"

Marc Brush, "Disruptive Thinking to Save Our Healthcare System"

Steve Denning, "Straight Talk on Fixing Health Care: The Innovator's Prescription"

Donna Fuscaldo, "Concierge Health Care: Worth the Hefty Price Tag?"

Debra Wood, "The Aging Effect on Healthcare"

Bob Gwyther and Cristy Page, "Radio Interview"

Debra Wood, "How to Avoid the Most Common Nursing Errors Affecting Patient Safety"

David Whelan, "Clayton Christensen: The Survivor"

Tobin Arthur, "Cisco - Leader in Video & Telephony"

Sheryl Nance-Nash, "Is "Concierge Health Care" Worth the Money?"

Debra Wood, "Top Trends in Healthcare Delivery"

Sandra Yin, "Integrated health systems help to keep the focus on patients"

Sylvia Hall, "Doctors go digital, use technology to talk to patients"

Denise Myshko, "Continued Outsourcing Expected"

"종합병원서 하는 혈당·심전도 체크, 환자가 집에서 직접 하는 시대 왔다"

Bill Looney, "The New Breed of Leadership: Emerging Pharma Leadership Awards"

David Whelan, "Disruptive Health Start-Ups Could Mean Fewer Doctors Offices"

Thomas Reinke, "Defined Contribution: Magic Bullet?"

Bill Frank, Radio Interview

Gary Baldwin, "Dialing for Data"

Gary Baldwin, "Consumer-directed health care? Yes. Consumer-connected? Maybe."

Ed Rabinowitz, "Did you take your medication today?"

Sara Michael, "The Future of Healthcare: Innovative thinkers in healthcare predict the future of care delivery"

Gil Irwin, Art Kleiner, and Joyjit Saha Choudhury, "When Disruptive Integration Comes to Health Care"

Debra Wood, "While Reform Waits, Providers Can Find 'Quick Wins' for Improving Efficiency"

Richard Mark Kirkner, "Disruptive Innovations Are Altering Patient Encounters"

Mark Hartley, "Inside Hygiene"

Tony Bartelme, "Meet the Doctor Disruptor: Jason Hwang"

Kishore Jethanandani, "U.S. Lead in Medical Innovation Under Threat from Reform Bills"

Taren Grom, "What's in Store for 2010?"

Denise Myshko, "The Changing R&D Business Model"

Denise Myshko, "Innovation: Areas for Growth"

Darcie Cross, "Disruptive Innovation: It's Healthcare's Turn"

Nick Burns, Radio Interview

Bill Frank and Coach Ron Tunick, Radio Interview

Jason Marder, "Hwang: Take healthcare out of the hospital"

Joyce Crane, "Impact! When Healthcare and Technology Collide"

Jennifer Thew, "Disrupting Healthcare"

Scott Kirsner, "10 cc's of technology, stat!"

Robin Hocevar, "Healthy Disruption"

Sarah Klein, "Health Care Reform Through Delivery System Redesign: A Look at One "Disruptive Solution""

Jennifer Ciombor, "Health Care Prescriptions"

Elitsa Bizios, "The Health Care Debate"

Greg Firestone, "An Interview with Dr. Jason Hwang"

Chris Seper, "A $200 vibrator, confessionals from the Catholic Church and why wellness' greatest profits are yet to come"

George Toth, Community Forum: Regarding Your Money

Brad Tuttle, "Q&A with The Innovator's Prescription Author Jason Hwang"

Marji McClure, "Creating a Healthy Future in Healthcare"

"Should there be a doctor in the house?"

Rachel Claytor, "Lilly's Market Prospects Hang on New Drug Offerings"

Brad Brooks, Interview

Elyas Bakhtiari, "What Physician Shortage?"

Steve Lohr, "Who Says Innovation Belongs to the Small?"

"From Social Entrepreneurship to 'Cure Entrepreneurship'"

Josh Bernoff, "How to Create a Social Application for Life Sciences without Getting Fired"

Laura Carabello, "Spotlight"

Julie Williamson, "Tech Team Wanted: Electronic Health Records Involve Change and Require Practice"

Marlene Piturro, "The Stimulus Package's Gift to Comparative Effectiveness"

American Medical News from the Week of 3/23/09

Pam Dolan, "Shopping List: Paper Towels, Diapers, EMR, Milk"

Carolyn Colwell, "Outlier HSS Stars as Surgery Specialist"

Penelope Lemov, "Creative Disruption"

Joseph Simone, "Two Approaches to Health Care Reform"

Scott Shreeve, "The Innovator's Interview: Conversations with Jason Hwang"

Chris Vickery, MSA Partners U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry Weekly Report

David Saltman, Speaking of Books Podcast Series

Maureen Glabman, "Disruptive Innovations That Will Change Your Life in Health Care"

Lola Butcher, World Healthcare Innovation & Technology Congress Podcast

Sramana Mitra, "Healing Health Care"

Bruce Friedman, "The 'Early Health Model' as an Example of Disruptive Innovation"

Anne Ford, "For Pathologists, the Future Arrives This June"

Steve Bailey, "Unhealthy Turf War"

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